The Basics

What is Avalara for QuoteWerks?

Simply put – it’s the best way to automate sales tax compliance and minimize related risk for your business.    If you use QuoteWerks in conjunction with systems like QuickBooks, Sage, ConnectWise, AutoTask or hundreds of others, then you probably understand the challenge of managing sales tax across many systems, categories, geographic regions and tax codes.  Avalara’s AvaTax solves that challenge, while automatically remitting scheduled payments to any tax jurisdictions you owe.

What does it cost?

The basic features are free.  Avalara for QuoteWerks limited to Address Validation in the U.S. and “one click product return” will always be FREE.  Complete sales tax compliance automation depends on what services you choose when you sign up with Avalara.

How do I sign up?

Fill out a short form to get the download.  If you check the appropriate box, a tax specialist from Avalara will be notified to reach out to discuss automation of all your sales tax responsibilities for your business.  In the meantime, download the app and start using it for address validation and to quickly generate product returns.

Get Started!


Where do I go if I need help?

If your question has to do with the Avalara for QuoteWerks module, start with the Setup Guide included in the download or directly here : Avalara for QuoteWerks – Setup Guide.  You can also use the Contact Us page for support and to share your feedback.

If you question is specific to Avalara services or configuration, check out the Avalara Help & Knowledge Base or contact Avalara Support.  Similarly, if your question is specific to Quotewerks functionality, search the QuoteWerks Forum or contact QuoteWerks support.

Which states or countries can I use it in?

Avalara manages rates, tax rules and tax codes for virtually any and every country across the globe.  The Avalara for QuoteWerks module is currently configured to work in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.  If you have a need for additional countries send us a note and we will flip the switch on others.


Install & Config

The Setup Guide says I need Master Rights to complete some of the install steps.  How can I check if I have Master Rights in QuoteWerks?

In QuoteWerks go to Utilities > User Maintenance, then select to Edit your user and observe whether the “User has Master Rights” button is checked.

What is the difference between Avalara for QuoteWerks and the tax portion of the QuoteWerks Real-Time Module?

The tax portion of the Real Time Module is used for tax rate lookup.  Avalara’s services are used to automate all your sales tax compliance activities including tax rate lookup (including Nexus) at the rooftop level, tax collection, filing and tax remit as well as exemption certificate management and making sure you are prepared for a tax audit.  Avalara for QuoteWerks is one of many Avalara AvaTax connectors that solve sales tax consistently across all the systems used to run your business like QuickBooks, Sage, ConnectWise and AutoTask.

I’m all set, but the tax rate returned from AvaTax is 0% ?

Unless you’re shipping to Montana (which has no sales tax!), this probably has to do with Nexus.  Nexus is generally defined as geographies where your business has a physical presence. It can get more complex, but it’s important to remember that in order for AvaTax to return tax rates, you have to set your Nexus settings in the Avalara Admin Console  .  If you are seeing 0% tax rates being returned on certain quotes, that might mean you have no nexus in that geography or you have yet to properly set up your nexus settings within Avalara.