A circular workflow showing all the stages of tax exempt document management using Avalara CertCapture.

Avalara + QuoteWerks + ConnectWise: You Had Me At Tax Exempt

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This past year, nearly every QuoteWerks customer that installed Avalara for QuoteWerks wanted to make sure that applying tax exemption on customer quotes was automatic, just like the rest of the tax compliance automation.  The majority are pulling the exemption status from ConnectWise, but we have consulted on the setup with Dynamics, SalesForce, QuickBooks, Sage Accounting and Great Plains too.  A pattern emerged and here we are, with a well documented set of steps to automatically pull in exemption status from ConnectWise to QuoteWerks, which is also a blueprint for all the popular systems.

Avalara’s CertCapture offering takes this concept to the next level, relieving businesses of the burden of keeping their customer’s exemption certificates on file and tracking when they expire, not to mention asking customers for new certs.  This is the “hands free” option if you use QuoteWerks and some of your customers are tax exempt.

Whether you are upgrading or just jumping on board with sales tax automation,  Get The Download.

Basic install takes about 30 minutes to get up and running with automated address validation and tax rates.  If you run into a snag, send us a note.  We are here to help.

What’s New in 2.2?

Major Features

  • Avalara CertCapture – Exemption Management Automated: Subscribers of Avalara CertCapture now have tax exemptions automatically applied to customers in QuoteWerks.
  • Tax Exemption from ConnectWise (and other CRMs): Automatically pull in the exemption code from ConnectWise on Contact Record Lookup in QuoteWerks. Sales will never need to remember which customers are exempt. This is configurable for other CRMs too.

Other tiny joys in life:

  • Resolved a condition in the Admin where Tax Line Item Field default values may not save
  • When managing tax as a line item, the ItemType is now set to ‘TAX’ so that it may be easily filtered out of the QuoteWerks Purchasing Window
  • The admin setting “Omit tax line from document (Don’t Print)” now also applies when tax is moved to a line item after Convert To Invoice. Previously this setting was applied only when managing tax as a line item was checked.
  • Added a setting to “Allow tax lookup after AvaTax Commit” to continue to perform tax calculations after the document is committed as a record in AvaTax. Only applicable after converting tax to a line item following a particular workflow to outside accounting systems.
  • Address line 3 is no longer longer validated or updated. It often contains “Attention” or “Care Of (c/o)” information and is not typically relevant for geolocation.

Check out the new Setup Guide to see the different ways and steps involved to automate sales tax on the whole, and just added, applying tax exempt statuses across systems.

Humbly at your service,

Tom “Monty” Montgomery
Co-Founder | ConnectTax

QuoteWerks Level Up: Line Item Tax Rates and Global Tax Compliance

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On the heels of QuoteWerks releasing version 5.2, the app ecosystem has also solved a few problems for QuoteWerks customers to make life a little easier. Avalara for QuoteWerks, a way to simplify and automate tax compliance across business systems, has released version 2.0.  A flagship feature of v2.0 is accurate quoting when multiple tax rates need to be applied at the line item level.  This is especially important now that physical products are often being taxed differently than Cloud, Maintenance, Services and other categories.  I daresay taxes will not be getting simpler anytime soon as states pass “Amazon tax” laws and other legislation designed to close the tax collection gaps on internet commerce and hybrid product & service offerings.

Highlights of the release also include the addition of tax code mapping for the Etilize Product Catalog as well as handling international VAT and Intra-EU rates and compliance.

Have a closer look at :  https://www.connecttax.com

What’s New in 2.0?

Major Features

  • Multiple Tax Rates per Quote: QuoteWerks documents can now have multiple tax rates on a single quote, order or invoice allowing accurate tax calculations when different categories of products and services have differing tax rates.
  • Partial taxability: QuoteWerks line items and shipping charges that are partially taxable will now calculate tax correctly on your quote.
  • Etilize Mapping: Easily map Etilize categories to AvaTax tax codes to derive taxability and tax rates. Set it for your team and forget it.
  • Item and Category Tax Code Mapping: Use product codes, categories and other fields to derive taxability and category specific tax rates, then automatically have them apply in QuoteWerks.
  • Global Tax Calculations: In addition to U.S. and Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and all countries in the European Union have been added as regions where QuoteWerks users may now automatically apply taxability rules, perform tax calculations and achieve VAT compliance in and between countries. Add more countries and currencies through settings.

The Smaller Stuff

  • Avalara for QuoteWerks is now certified with version 5.2 of QuoteWerks.
  • Avalara for QuoteWerks is now certified for Global Calculations with AvaTax
  • Partial tax exemptions now get applied correctly rather than showing as fully tax exempt. An example case was exemption code “I – Industrial / Manufacturing” in California which now correctly results in partial tax exemption.
  • Resolved a scenario on ‘Convert to Invoice’ where items that had been bundled or converted to groups, whose tax amount was converted to a line item, would result in an incorrect higher tax amount than what was on the quote and order.
  • Resolved a condition where Avalara would return an error on really long product descriptions ( >2048 chars).
  • In the Avalara for QuoteWerks AvaTax Processing tab, the QuoteWerks ItemType field was added as a valid AvaTax ItemCode. This is in support of Etilize mapping and category to tax code mapping.
  • Address verification is now more secure (HTTPS).
  • AvaTax will now update the QuoteWerks Tax Code (Y/N) if a particular item is designated by AvaTax as taxable or not taxable for a given shipping address.
  • Added admin Tax Included checkbox applied at the quote/document level. This allows businesses to have a pricing strategy designed to be simple for customers where the quoted price is the same as the price paid, tax is already included in the price. Common practice in countries where VAT / GST applies.
  • EU VAT Reverse Charge messages can now optionally be displayed on associated line items.

Avalara for QuoteWerks is one of many connectors to Avalara AvaTax, the tax compliance platform.  Customers often use our connector in conjunction with other AvaTax connectors to systems like Quickbooks, Connectwise, AutoTask, Sage or Great Plains to automate and outsource their tax compliance responsibilities while keeping all business systems in sync.  Subscribe to the newsletter or schedule a demo if you would like to learn more.