Avalara for QuoteWerks 1.1 plays nicely

Avalara for QuoteWerks, the sales tax compliance automation solution, has released version 1.1 now available for download!  Click here to get’r done.  As always the download and basic features are free.  In addition to shipping address validation, the “one click Product Return” function is also now part of the free basic features.

New Feature – Custom Field Mapping:  This is the ability to map which custom fields the module uses to store information on a QuoteWerks document.  This allows Avalara for QuoteWerks to play nicely with any other QuoteWerks integrations you have configured.

– What else is new? –

  • Zip vs Zip+4 option:  An admin option to validate addresses at the 5 digit zip or zip+4 level.
  • Converting to Invoice now performs a silent save if converting the tax to a line item, solving a scenario where the sales tax as a line item may not persist.
  • Internal Part Number is now an option to send as the ItemCode in AvaTax
  • Trigger to call AvaTax on shipping selection now only executes on quotes and orders to avoid changes to an invoice after it is considered a final record.
  • Several other changes to improve exception handling and resiliency in strange scenarios.

– On the horizon –

This is where we need YOU.  We have designed a solution for 1) Managing multiple tax rates on a single quote and 2) Custom tax code mapping (beyond yes and no), including automatic Etilize category to tax code mapping.  We would like to hear from you to know if these are problems worth solving or if there are bigger fish to fry.  Drop us a line.

Happy Quoting,
Tom “Monty” Montgomery
Co-Founder | ConnectTax

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