ConnectTax was founded by Jesse Armstrong and Tom “Monty” Montgomery, a couple of guys that first started working together at Perceptive Software.  We took the entrepreneurial leap from enterprise software development to chase the dream of the startup.  Jesse has long been involved with Greystone Technology, a top Managed IT services provider in Colorado.  Monty is a relatively new addition brought on to lead product development efforts.

ConnectTax represents a new venture by Greystone Technology.  It is really a product adventure, with the modest goal of simplifying the headache of managing sales tax compliance for any sized business.  To that end, there is no better partner than Avalara as they are able to solve the sales tax riddle no matter what combination of business software you have.  Out of our own strategic need to grow efficiently, Avalara for QuoteWerks was born.

We hope you find it as useful as we do.  And do let us know if we can help with QuoteWerks tax automation or other systems for that matter.

Check out the full Greystone story that led us to automate sales tax compliance for QuoteWerks.